(No Safety In Numbers #2)

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It’s been seven days since Lexi, Ryan, Marco, Shay, and thousands of other shoppers were quarantined in their suburban mall. Seven days of no showers, no information, limited food and rising panic. Seven days of watching as a mystery virus sweeps through the mall, killing hundreds of people.

The government has pulled out, leaving the shoppers to their fate. Lexi’s mother, a senator, takes charge; she enforces strict rules, and uses Marco to help control the rule-breakers, most of whom are also teens. But Marco has his own agenda, and begins a dangerous game, playing all the angles. Caught in his web are Shay, Lexi, Ryan, Mike and Drew.

But unbeknownst to all of them, it’s not just Marco who can’t be trusted, and as the days pass, each of them will learn the price of making a mistake.
Survival becomes a deadly sport in this pounding, relentless rush that will keep you guessing until the end.


“Unnervingly plausible” – VOYA

“It isn’t the terrible circumstances changing them; the quarantine is the catalyst to act on their desire to become the person they want to be, for better or worse.” – School Library Journal

“No Safety in Numbers (2012) presented a fine hook: a few thousand people are quarantined inside a mall where a deadly toxin has been released. Over a thousand are now dead, and there’s no telling what’s happening in the outside world. Lorentz instead focuses on four teen characters caught within interlocking love triangles as they resist the new world order with illegal parties, violent revolts, and living off the grid. Marco, whose universal key card makes him the guy everyone wants to know, remains a fascinatingly dynamic protagonist….[T]he story line is increasingly reminiscent—in a good way—of Michael Grant’s Gone series.” – Booklist