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I made a VIDEO TRAILER for my 6/24 event!

Am I proud of myself? Why, yes, I am! Here’s to what you can do with a phone camera and iMovie! I hope this convinces you to come an see what shenanigans ensue when I’m given a mike and a FULL HOUR! For more information, check out my previous blog post or this flyer from the […]


Cage Match: A Tale of Two Cities vs. The Hunger Games

This week, I thought I would take on the YA-is-super-dark-and-isn’t-this-a-sign-teens-and-YA-authors-today-are-evil/morbid/violent/etc. argument. This issue crops up again and again in the media, like here and here. It came up in my FastCompany interview. And yes, there is a lot of heavy stuff in YA literature today. But is this a sign of change, or are YA […]