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Blog: No Easy Way Out

Three, Two, One…LAUNCH!

This past glorious Saturday (in what has been a string of bizarre, glorious sunny days up here in VT), the wonderful folks at The Flying Pig Bookstore hosted a celebration of No Easy Way Out at which there were…  BOOKS!           And… ME!      Talking about exciting stuff like my […]


On September 28th, Help Me Launch No Easy Way Out!

Okay, so officially, No Easy Way Out has been launched for a while…But it hasn’t had a party! And it hasn’t had cupcakes! (I made these for the No Safety in Numbers launch… expect the same level of awesome, in slightly different colors…:) So please join me for an awesome afternoon celebrating No Easy Way […]


A Soundtrack for No Easy Way Out

It’s here! No Easy Way Out is BORN! For all of you left hanging from the edge of your seat at the end of No Safety in Numbers, this will come as a relief. No Easy Way Out picks up right where No Safety ended. But Edge, don’t get all pouty. Your person will be […]


Getting the Most Out of Getting Feedback

One of the best gifts a person can give you as a writer is constructive, thoughtful feedback on your work. None of my books would be what they are without the insightful comments of a few trusted readers and editors, and my writing would not be what it is today without having grappled with the […]