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Blog: The Return

Catching up on Fan Mail

Thank you so much to everyone who has written to me! I am so sorry that I have been a bit delayed in responding to your letters. I appreciate each and every letter I receive. It is such a joy to open my P.O. box and find a missive waiting inside. Alas, I am no […]


TeenLitMOB is COMING April 7th!

Teen Lit MOB is coming to the Fletcher Free Library on April 7th! Register for it here! What is a Teen Lit MOB you might ask? It’s a full day of awesome activities and workshops and talks with YA writers–including ME! Can I interest you in an exciting round of Choose Your Own Mall Disaster? I […]


Come Say Hi at the Burlington Book Festival!

Happy Back-to-School Season! I love this time of year–the slight chill in the morning air, the prospect of changing leaves and fiery hillsides, the fact that my kids are back on a regular schedule, meaning I can be on a regular schedule, meaning WRITING IS GETTING DONE, FOLKS! In addition to writing alone at my […]


Happy Belated Birthday to THE RETURN!

I feel terrible that I have not posted about DOGS #3, The Return yet! The third and final book in the Dogs of the Drowned City series, THE RETURN, was released on June 1st. The story follows Shep and his remaining packmates as they try to decide how to survive in the city now that […]


The Return Plot Board

Finishing the Hat, or What Revision Means to Me

I’m knee deep in the revision process, so I thought I would blog about some of the tools I use in revision. Sure, there’s the usual marking up of written text, but not at the beginning. At the beginning, I really try to re-vision the project, and to do that, I break the story and […]


I did a lot of research on YouTube (and other places!:) while writing Dogs of the Drowned City

Sometimes I would want Shep to do something in a scene, and there would be this doubting voice in my mind saying, No way a dog can do that. More often than not, when I searched the internet, I found evidence that indeed a dog could do whatever I had imagined for Shep! It’s true! […]