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Putting the “I” in First Person:

Point of View in How I Live Now I start off, as usual, with an apology—this blog was supposed to post in November.  November it is not. I promise that I have spent the intervening weeks hard at work, writingwritingwriting like a thing possessed, and have emerged spent and happy and eagerly awaiting comments on […]


Wait, Where’s The Thrilling Robot Chase?: Revelation as Story in The Giver

Hello again, dear readers.  After a rather long summer (and fall…) holiday, the blog is back!  And, as promised, is back to discuss Newbery medalist, The Giver, by Lois Lowry. This was a big summer for me—lots of writing and revision and learning about the publishing process by living through it.  It was also a big summer […]


It’s All in the Details:

Creating Characters in When You Reach Me The last week has been a big week for everyone—for the pets, it marks the one year anniversary of the day they became the second cutest things in the house.  Peter celebrated by looking pathetic; Kerry, by looking even more pathetic than usual; Oscar, by throwing up on the […]


The Future is Now:

Use of the Flashforward in The Book Thief Here it is, my first ever blog entry.  The handsome gentleman pictured above is my best friend, Peter.  I feel like I need his support to launch this endeavor.  His snaggletooth gives me power… I’ve promised a discussion of a book and the craft of its writing. […]