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Phoenix Event - Podium

Long time, no bananas…

Hello, Readers of my Blog! It’s been…months. I apologize for the delay in–nay, total lack of communication. But there is some good news! I may not have been writing my Blog, but I have been writing a bunch of other things: In the past twelve months, I have completed two brand-spanking new manuscripts and done […]



Texas Book Festival and More!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I have had the most awesome few weeks! On October 16th, I had the pleasure of Skyping with students at Cavallini Middle School in Upper Saddle River, NJ as a part of Teen Read Week. The students were fabulous and asked great questions, all while snacking on some of the coolest cupcakes ever! Their […]


Williams Panel

Last Week’s Awesome Events in the Berkshires

Last week, I had the honor, and the pleasure, of going back to Williams College, my alma mater, to talk about being a young adult author. I loved my four years at Williams. They were some of the best and hardest and most intense of my life. I forged friendships that have lasted far beyond graduation […]



Fall Events!

I am so excited to finally be able to share some awesome events that I have coming up: On October 2, I’ll be giving a talk at 8pm at Williams College in Williamstown, MA with the most amazing line-up of fellow alumni authors: Kristin Cashore, Caragh O’Brien, and Tui Sutherland! We’ll be talking about our […]


Whale Tail

Moby Dick – Blog 6 & Recap of the Summer

And I squeak a blog in before the end of August—HOORAY! Sorry for the long delay between posts. This summer was not the blogging bonanza I’d hoped for it to be, and I apologize. But as it is the end of summer, and school is going back into session, I think it a good moment […]


MD Cozy Classics

Moby Dick – Blog 5

Boy, am I late with this one! Weeks! AGH! But, hey! I finished Moby Dick! Okay, so I’m referring here to the “Cozy Classics” picture book version I took out from the library for my son. But still. It contains spoilers! (From the pictures, it seems things don’t go so well for the whale men…) […]



Moby Dick – Blog 4

Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome to Moby Dick – Blog #4! I’m up to page 175, Chapter 45, The Affidavit. That means I have 300 pages left, and it’s already July 3rd. So perhaps I will not fit all three Big Bad Books in before the end of summer. We shall see… The point of view issues […]



Moby Dick – Blog 3

A day late…this is becoming a trend. But here it is! Moby Dick – Blog #3! And I actually read a BUNCH this time, so Hooray! I’m up to Chapter 30, page 114 in my edition. I accomplished this by resorting to my second favorite way of taking in a text: the audiobook. Seeing as […]


Photo on 6-10-14 at 2.21 PM #2

A Playlist for No Dawn Without Darkness

No Dawn Without Darkness has been OUT THERE for ONE WHOLE WEEK! I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying/plan on enjoying it! I have made a playlist for all the books in this series: one for No Safety, which was heavily linked to the plot, and one for No Easy Way Out, which was a little looser […]


Evie drawing of Whale

Moby Dick – Blog 2

So I’m already a day late on this blog-venture, and also read NO PAGES of Moby Dick this week. Not great, Lorentz. Not great at all. But let’s try to stay positive. I did blog about the release of No Dawn on Tuesday, so there’s been blogging. And I did finish one friend’s book (Cecil […]