There’s been all sorts of exciting No Safety related news in the past week! First of all, have you seen the awesome book site? If not, go there right now!

Once you’re there, you will find the AWESOME BOOK TRAILER! I am so excited about this!


There will be a launch event for No Safety on June 28th at 4:00pm at the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, VT. I would love to see you there! The day before, I will be appearing on WCAX as a part of their “Books Over Breakfast” segment.

In addition, I will be interviewed on VPR on Monday about No Safety. I will updated my Events page once I know when the interview will air.

In Dogs news, I’m am the featured author on the Stacks over at The Storm is also featured on the Books & Authors page!

I will keep my Events page up to date with news about any other appearances I will be doing.

On the writing front, I’m deep into revisions on the second book in the No Safety in Numbers series. Lots of exciting mindmaps in a rainbow of marker scribbles have been made; many more will be made. I’m so excited about this book!

Until next week!

Most Recent Book: The Book of Jonas by Stephen Dau (Hats off to my fellow Bennington grad! It’s great so far!)

Most Recent TV Show: New Girl (Catching up on missed episodes. So far, super funny, and not just because my friend Rachel Axler was a writer on the show!:)

Most Recent Movie: Haywire (meh)

Most Recent Song: “Silenced by the Night,” Strangeland, Keane (This song feels kind of early-nineties to me, like something I would have listened to ALL THE TIME in high school. Is it a surprise that I am listening to it all the time now?:)

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