Boy, am I late with this one! Weeks! AGH!

MD Cozy ClassicsBut, hey! I finished Moby Dick! Okay, so I’m referring here to the “Cozy Classics” picture book version I took out from the library for my son. But still. It contains spoilers! (From the pictures, it seems things don’t go so well for the whale men…)

I apologize for not keeping up with my regular Big Bad Books Posts (especially since this will not even *be* an official Big Bad Books post). I have an excuse–I have been deep in the trenches of a first draft of my new work-in-progress. I thought I could do both, and still be a parent, and have fun with my family. I thought wrong.

And so, my reading pace has slowed to a trickle.

BUT! I am almost done with my first draft (hooray!) and after that I need to put it aside before revising, so I will rededicate myself to the cause of Moby Dick!

For those interested, I’m on page 211 of my version, which is Chapter 54: “The Town-Ho’s Story.” This seems like a kind of random addition to the novel. Ishmael frames the story, which he heard during a gam he experienced on the Pequod, as him telling it in a bar in Lima, Peru at some point in the future. This seems like some unnecessary complication to an already complicated narrative. I’m hoping the bizarre scene setting makes sense by the end of the chapter…

Charles-W.-Morgan2-640x423And for random Moby Dick in the News stuff, did you know there’s a real, live old-timey whale ship sailing right now around the coast of New England? And I have a friend who is on the crew! It’s apparently the last wooden whaling ship on the planet. Here’s a link with a video about the voyage of the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship.

I’m aiming to get back to my regular weekly posting schedule–fingers crossed!


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