I feel terrible that I have not posted about DOGS #3, The Return yet!

The third and final book in the Dogs of the Drowned City series, THE RETURN, was released on June 1st. The story follows Shep and his remaining packmates as they try to decide how to survive in the city now that the humans have started to return. Should they try to find their old homes, too? After everything they’ve been through, can they ever go back to being the pets they once were?

I only introduce one new dog in this book, and that’s Pumpkin the Havanese! Pumpkin is based on my dearest friend Tui Sutherland‘s dog, Sunshine! Maybe you know Sunshine from her blog? Maybe you know Tui as one of the Erin Hunters? I’ve known Sunny since she was a puppy and she’s always been an adorable, snuggly, happy, jumpy ball of energy. I knew that I needed a dog just like her in my series!

For those of you who’ve read it–what do you think? I’ll tell you a secret: It’s my FAVORITE of the series!

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